Easter 2018

Sunday 25th March 2018

Celebrate this special day by singing with us on the steps (10:00 am)

outside the main Church before the main service (at 10:30 am)


Thursday 29th March 2018

at 7:30 pm

The service will be led by Rev. Keith Hunt


Friday 30th March 2018

at 10:30 am

After our service, coffee will be served outside the Baptist Church (from 11:30 am) as we gather in readiness for the Walk of Witness to the Parish Church starting at noon.





Sunday 1st April 2018

Join us for breakfast in the main hall at 9:00 am

Communion Service will be led by Rev Keith Hunt at 10:30 am

Please bring a small posy (i.e. two or three flowers, short stemmed, perhaps with a sprig of foliage) to decorate the Easter cross.