Knitting Choirs of Angels


Christmas Angels

This year we would like to show God’s love and bless the community by displaying and then sharing knitted Christmas angels during advent 2017.

But first, we need to knit plenty of these lovely angels and we hope you can help.

The pattern is easy to follow and only needs a small amount of wool. You can see the pattern by clicking here. There are print-outs of the pattern available at St. Andrew’s, as well as some finished angels to have a look at. 

If  you have any questions or need some support,  Beryl and Susan are happy to help.

Please can angels be added to the baskets in the Church window (or handed in at the office) as soon as they are completed.

We hope that the gathering choir of angels will inspire us all to keep knitting purposefully in the weeks and months ahead.

We have some further images of the angels which includes some close-ups of the wings. Please click here to see our album.


Very many thanks for any support you can give to this project.


Angels pictured here with our Circuit Wesley Bear, who goes by the name of Charlie.